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A lot of people suffer from back pain, neck pain and headaches. This affects their ability to work, play and exercise They take drugs to mask their symptoms rather than addressing the actual cause of the cause of the problem.

Do you seek a life free from pain, free to move, and free to live? Get in touch now.


Do you have:



Whether you have back pain, neck pain or headaches, or any other Chiropractic complaint, you should have your spine assessed by a Chiropractor at either of our clinics. We have a strong belief in natural, functional health-care and a range of Chiropractic care techniques to help get good results. At Chiropractic Works you will find a dedicated team, passionate about improving the health of their community. In fact, for over 100 years Chiropractors have been helping people experience better health, naturally, through adjustments to the spine. When the nerve system is compromised due to spinal problems, a decreased state of health can result. Chiropractic care corrects the spinal dysfunction, restoring normal nerve function and relieving back pain, neck pain, headaches and other spinal related issues.

Chiropractic Works upper hutt wants you to learn about the benefits of Chiropractic care


Why should you choose us?
We are registered Chiropractors. 
We accept ACC patients. No referrals needed.
We know lots about Chiropractic care.
We have X-ray facilities onsite in case they are needed. 
We are in Upper Hutt, Wellington
We have lots of free carparks. 
We are passionate about natural health.
We want to help you. 

I have injured myself and might need ACC. Will I need to see my GP for a referral?
No referral is needed. Give us a call or BOOK NOW to get in touch and we will call you to finalize your initial consultation.

I think I might some X-rays taken. Will I need to see my GP for a referral?
We have X-ray facilities onsite. So, you are sorted there. And once again - no referral is needed. Give us a call or BOOK NOW to get in touch and we will call you to finalize your initial consultation. 

At Chiropractic Works we have a traditional approach combined with an appreciation of best-evidence. Our most-utilised techniques are Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson and Activator. Our chiropractors enjoy keeping up to date with the latest research in the treatment of spinal disorders as well as a range of wellness topics.

Who we help:
Most patients present to a chiropractor with back pain, neck pain or headaches. Chiropractic care has an amazing success rate at helping people with these and other conditions. However, most people feel they also improve in other areas of their health. 

Elite sports men and women, weekend warriors, young children, unsettled babies, the elderly, tradies and office workers, everyone with a spine and nerve system can benefit from better function.

Typical complaints that people seek chiropractic care for:

Headaches, migraines, back aches, neck aches, stiffness, sciatica and disc injuries. 

Meet The Team:

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Wellington, our team at Chiropractic Works- in Upper Hutt and Kelly Chiropractic Team  is dedicated to helping you get healthier, the natural way. We are all passionate about making your experience a rewarding one. Kathy, Tania and Cherylyn run the show from the helm. Our three Chiropractors are Dr Dave Kelly, Dr Jason Whittal and Dr Sias Heyns. We hope to exceed your expectations. Read a little about us...



Upper Hutt:

Dr Sias, BSc (Chiropractic)

Hello! My name is Sias. Growing up playing sport I noticed that I had niggles that seemed to pile up causing me many problems, both on- and off the pitch. After consulting a variety of professionals, I started seeing a chiropractor and realised that having my spine function at its best allowed my whole body to function at a higher level. I realised then and there that I had to become a chiropractor myself. This has brought me to your beautiful community and I am excited to call it home.

Kathy, Chiropractic Assistant

Kathy is one of our star team of Chiropractic Assistants. She was born and raised in Wellington and moved to Upper Hutt 30-years ago. She loves spending time with her grand-children and her doggies.

Tania, Chiropractic Assistant

Tania has been living in Upper Hutt for over 30 years. She has two adult children and enjoys hiking, camping, travelling and meeting the friendly Chiropractic Works clients.

Dr Dave, BSc, BScChiro

When I was 16 I decided that wanted to help other people get healthier, naturally. So, at age 17 I left my home and family and moved to Melbourne to study Chiropractic. I ended up moving to Auckland when a course began there. I also obtained a science degree from the University of Auckland where I majored in psychology. I never saw myself as an academic but my passion for learning more about the amazing potential of chiropractic resulted in me leading a randomized controlled trial into the effects of chiropractic which showed incredible results. After graduating I worked in Wanganui, then Ireland, Brisbane, Adelaide and Gold Coast, before opening a practice in Johnsonville, Wellington, called Kelly Chiropractic. My personal passions are football and family (my wife Tessa and 3 girls: Frances, Josephine and Matilda).


Cherylyn, Chiropractic Assistant

Cherylyn was born and raised in Upper Hutt. She is now raising her son here and enjoys getting out with him and enjoying the parks in the area. She spends her free time relaxing with family, swimming and painting.



Contact us TODAY to organize a free WORKPLACE SPINAL WELLNESS ASSESSMENT for yourself or your staff. This is free for Upper Hutt and Johnsonville businesses greater than 10 employees. For businesses outside of Upper Hutt there is a charge of $170, incl GST. 

Whether you have a sitting, standing or active job, the daily stress of your work can lead to dysfunction in your spine and ultimately cause you pain and stop you from being as productive as you'd like at work and at home. 

The free WORKPLACE SPINAL WELLNESS ASSESSMENT includes the following:

- Take a brief history, discuss the nature of the job and the complaints associated with it.

- Perform a brief spinal and postural examination.

- Make recommendations such as stretches or exercises in order to manage the above.

- We also offer health talks to small and medium businesses to educate staff on how to look after their spines in the workplace
e.g. proper desk posture or lifting techniques.


Dear practice members,

Keep an eye out for our next advertorial in the Upper Hutt Leader regarding athletes, performance, injury prevention and chiropractic care. Make sure to refer all the athletes in your life for a new patient consult. 

A 50% discount will be applied on the new patient consultation.

Book in advance with the CA’s to avoid missing out. Or ask contact Drs Sias or Jason if you have any questions. 


Your Chiropractic Works Team



Phone: 04 478 6194

Address: 12 Moorfield Road, Johnsonville, 3067



Call us today with any questions, to book a new patient consultation, or a workplace wellness session.



Phone: 04 528 3082

Address: 241 Main Street, Upper Hutt, 5018



Call us today with any questions, to book a new patient consultation, or a workplace wellness session.




Upper Hutt:

Phone: 04 528 3082




Phone: 04 478 6194




Call us today with any questions, to book a new patient consultation, or a workplace wellness session.